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Member Management Systems

A member management system suitable for any sporting organisation that needs to grow its membership and revenue, improve its members’ experience, or decrease the workload of its administrative staff.

Online Member Management | Member Management Systems | Mogul

Why would you need it?

Managing a sporting organisation can be a heavy burden. Even with external funding, sports organisations need to grow their membership, maximise revenue, and control costs to sustain themselves.

As participation declines and the cost of living increases, many are finding themselves under pressure. The staff at many sporting bodies are often under-resourced and inadequately trained, and use systems that are often obsolete, with inadequate integration of membership management systems and websites, and data spread across multiple databases and data silos, resulting in too much manual data entry, and not enough time spent improving the experience of members and growing the membership.

Mogul’s integrated suite includes modules for:

Online registration and renewal

Managing subscriptions can be a major headache. Our cloud-based database-driven member management websites take the pain away by giving members control over their own data.

 Event registration

 Human nature dictates that event attendees don’t RSVP, or if they do, it’s at the last minute. Automated reminders and registration process make event management a breeze.

Content management

A website is only as good as the content on it. A content management system makes updating your website as easy as sending an email.


For many keen sportspeople, the thrill of competition is a major factor in their continued membership. Our competition module makes participation straightforward for entrants and administrators.


Web users expect to be able to make payments online, immediately, at any time, from anywhere. We integrate with a range of credit card gateways to enable secure online payments.

Mobile devices

We know that more than 50% of all website visits come from mobile devices, so all our membership solutions are optimised for mobile, so members can stay on the move.

Email marketing

Email remains the killer app for communicating online. Bulk email sending is built into our solutions to enable easy personalised mass communication with your membership.

SMS alerts

For time-critical communications e.g. event cancellations, SMS alerts are the best way to get a succinct message in front of those who need to know straight away.

Integration with a wide range of applications

When data lives in separate silos, inefficiencies and errors . Our experience with application programming interfaces (APIs) ensures that critical data about members can be shared automatically and securely across an organisation’s existing membership and accounting systems and even with external providers like NZ Post

Online Member Management | Member Management Systems | Mogul

If your organisation is interested in a member management system, contact us today.

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