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Interface Design and Usability

At Mogul, we have been designing interfaces for over ten years, for a wide range of web applications, for clients around the world as well as for our own social media wall, Strea.ma.

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Design for Usability

Usability is central to everything we do at Mogul: we create websites and apps that get used by very large numbers of people, and we have developed a very good understanding of successful user interface design.

If a button or a form or a menu is on your website or in your app, it must be important for your users. So you need to do a proper job of it!

Who needs interface design?

Any software that requires interaction with its user requires an interface. This can range from something as simple as a website’s navigation menu, to an online shopping cart, through to a full social media content moderation screen.

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UX audit service

Is your web application a joy to use? Does the interface meet the needs and expectations of your customers, without hassle or confusion? At Mogul, we offer a user experience audit to help give you the answers to these questions. This is a comprehensive audit to ensure your user interface (UI) is providing your users with an effective and meaningful experience.

UX Audit Service | Mogul

Why you need interface design

The most important part of any computer system is the person using it. And that means when you’re designing software the user interface – the bits the user can see, touch, and hear – should get a great deal of attention. The introduction of the keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and now the voice assistant, have all signaled huge leaps forward in the usefulness of our computers, but even so, it’s very easy to design software that is difficult to use, and this usually stems from a lack of planning and process.

The benefits of good usability are huge. Your customers will be happier, your website visitors will stay longer, and you’ll save time and money on support.

If you have a website or a software app that is feeling a bit clunky or hard to use, it might be time for a usability audit and a redesign. Get in touch today.

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