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Brand Design

The design of your brand tells the world a huge amount about your company – instantly. Making the right impression from the start is crucial in leading a customer to take action.

It begins with your brand

Your customer’s experience starts with how they interact with your brand – how your visual statement embodies your identity, and how your brand’s digital touchpoints interact with them to provide an experience that is informative, intelligent and enjoyable.

A brand is not simply a logo, it is everything about your organisation that your customer experiences. Messaging, imagery, photography, product, and interactions are all part of the design of your brand. 

Who needs brand design?

Every business needs an identity: something to hang your hat on, and something that underpins everything you do. In today’s digitally-driven world a consistent look and tone of voice, spanning  every customer touchpoint, is more important than ever to build an effective and successful brand.

As trends and technology shifts, so do brands. Design should be used to continually reinvent and refresh your brand – to stay up-to-date and modern.  Otherwise your brand runs the risk of being perceived as outdated.

The essentials of good brand design

Effective brand design goes beyond having a snazzy name and slick-looking logo. Here are a few ‘brand basics’ we have:

  • Keep the design simple. A simple design is far more likely to work across multiple platforms and small screen sizes. This also applies to your name and strapline.
  • Make it relatable. A brand that reflects the personality of the business will come across as more authentic and easier for customers to connect. 
  • Make it your own. A design that is unique will be memorable and build greater brand awareness.
  • Stay on brand. Consistency in messaging and visual style is key to delivering a coherent brand identity.

Mogul’s branding capabilities include logo design, defined brand typeface and colour palettes, to-the-point brand guidelines, tone of voice, and of course brand collateral design (digital & physical).

It doesn’t matter if you already have a brand or not. We are experienced at creating brands from scratch, as well as giving existing brands a refresh.

We work side-by-side with you to understand precisely what you imagine your brand should be so that together, we can create an informed, aesthetic, unique and simplifying brand experience. 

Whether your brand needs a refresh, you’re starting from scratch, or you just need some collateral updated – our experienced design team is ready to help.