In 2020, everyone is on social media. Your friends, your favourite restaurant, your grandma (she doesn’t really know what she’s doing but you bet she’s on there!)

Liking, posting, tweeting, sharing. Some people are doing it the right way… and others…well… are making a bit of a mess of it.



We, at Mogul, obviously want to make sure what we’re doing with our social media accounts is right. But it’s also important that we are adding value to the business and building relationships with our audience.

I’ve been doing the odd post here and there on the Mogul channels but I realised a while ago that what we were missing was some focused goals. What were we actually trying to achieve with these posts?

So I got the team together and ran a workshop (during lockdown!) to brainstorm ideas of what content we could be creating that adds value to our clients and audience.

We used Mural which is an awesome digital workspace for visual collaboration.


What are we trying to achieve?

We discussed and decided on an overall goal for our social media channels and content marketing.

We decided the main goal was to grow the brand and build awareness of who we are and what we are all capable of both individually and as a team. 


Post relevant and insightful content

We all agreed that the blog posts we write are a great way to show off what we are capable of as a company, but also our niche interests as individuals.  We brainstormed any blog topics we thought would be relevant, insightful and timely.

All ideas were good ideas!

We then arranged them all and assigned them to people we thought new best about that topic.

Some great ideas came out of this exercise, we all now have some really great interesting blog topics to write about so stay tuned for those!


Engagement with posts and pages

Another key part of our social channels was engagement. There are 2 parts to engagement:

  • engagement with the content we are posting on the Mogul social channels, and
  • Mogul’s engagement with other blog posts and other companies

Engagement on social media platforms has so many benefits including boosted brand awareness, better brand recognition and increased credibility.

We got thinking and brainstormed what ways and what content we could create that would encourage engagement and build credibility and some personality in our brand.

Some really great ideas came out of this to promote and showcase other brands and business – not just our own.

Overall this was a great workshop to get the whole team involved and coming up with ideas for our social platforms. If you and your team need a kick start this is a great workshop to run to get those creative juices flowing.

Don’t forget to send us a message if you use our workshop template or need help getting started!