Now that we’ve come out the other side of lockdown, here are some tips to make the transition to the post-COVID world of work a bit easier… 

Take the COVID-19 banner off your website 

We don’t need to know your plans for Level 3 or 4 any more. If you’re using a WordPress banner like us, just deactivate the plugin.

Redirect your business phone back to the office from home

Wonder why your phone isn’t ringing in the office? Maybe you redirected it to your home number during lockdown. If so, call your telco and get them to take off the redirect.

Set up contactless visitor tracing at your office 

Visitor tracing is a great way to manage the spread of infectious diseases without wearing a hazmat suit. Contactless is the way to go. We are using MyVisitorLog. No more annoying pen-and-paper visitor logs with all their privacy issues. 

Take any references to the lockdown out of your Google Ads

We don’t want to be reminded of your obsolete COVID policies when we search for you. 

Check your vehicles’ registration and warrant of fitness haven’t expired

You might be surprised to find out they have expired. Don’t make this amateur mistake.

Consult with your staff about your safety plan

Some of your staff might be concerned about coming back to the office. Have a plan to keep them safe. Full disclosure is essential.

Print out some COVID safety posters from the COVID website

It’s amazing that some people need a poster to remind them to wash their hands after going to the toilet. The NZ Government COVID website has A3 and A4 posters all ready to go. Just print, get the Blutack out, and you’re good to go. 

Buy antibacterial wipes and spray 

Washing your hands with soap is the best way to stop the spread, but these can be helpful too, especially if your office has common surfaces.

Get a haircut

Make an appointment today and put this whole strange nightmare behind you.