Hello, I’m Tom and I’m incredibly excited about joining the Mogul team as a search engine specialist.

I’m brand new to New Zealand as well as Mogul but I do bring with me a wealth of experience. I’ve worked for clients in the manufacturing sector, financial services and I even managed a digital department for Europe’s biggest breakfast TV show.

I’ve spent the majority of my career working client side, so I understand the real-world challenges of any marketing mix, as well as understanding how the econometric makeup of a media plan can deliver exponentially.

The significance of Google as part of a marketing mix cannot be understated and I’ve definitely developed a love/hate relationship with Google. From around 2004 Google has provided a paradigm shift in the marketing landscape. Marketers can now reach customers and prospects when their intent is at its highest. As Google is so important in the marketing mix, ensuring that a website is optimised for Google should be a priority for all business.

Optimising for Google is becoming a complicated issue though – whether we’re looking at how the information on our site is presented to ensure that Google’s relevancy requirements are satisfied, ensuring that we adhere to a ‘mobile first’ strategy, conforming to page load speed requirements, or how we can best take advantage of Google structured data to gain a competitive advantage.

Thankfully at Mogul, we have a wide range of skill sets and we can both guide you into the areas that will help ensure that you’re found for relevant searches, as well as execute the more technical elements needed to satisfy the requirements of the search engines.

As the search landscape continues to evolve we stay abreast of the changes and developments, we understand how we can best leverage Google’s various algorithms to deliver against your campaign goals and what levers we can pull to the further accelerate our marketing plans.

When I’m not conducting tests on Google indexing or tweaking alt tags, I can either be found playing squash or waxing lyrical about the benefits of econometric modelling over a pint or two.