The things we do for love

“True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.”

Ricardo Montalban

Business is a combination of war, sport and love?

People want what your business sells, and you’ve found each other online. Aaah *sigh*, online marketing is like a romantic comedy.

But, then! In true Hollywood style; jealousy, better looking lovers, and boredom set in. Like all relationships, the interaction between your website and your customers takes ongoing work. Making sure your website shows up when people are looking for you (SEO work) is part of the grind.

One off SEO service

“True love stories never have endings.”

Richard Bach

If you’re new to SEO, it’s not unusual to ask if SEO can be a contained task, “a 10 hour project”, with an expectation that search engine optimisation is something you do once and then you’re “done”.

The question is a tricky one because the answer can be both yes, and no.

A flash-mob proposal makes a huge and lasting impact on your lover’s impression of you. But everyone knows that you can’t make one grand gesture and expect it to carry you through to a wedding and happy old age companionship. If you don’t make the effort to go to the cake-tastings and contribute to the seating plan you won’t make it down the aisle, let alone to your golden years together!

In the same way, one-off SEO tasks and project can make an impressive effect on your search engine rankings. Great quality SEO work can set your site up to rank well even without regular maintenance. But if you’re not making constant effort to refine and improve upon your SEO work, over time even the best results will slowly decline.

It’s really about your goal. If you tell us what you’d like to achieve then we’ll be able to gauge whether that is possible with a set amount of work and this depends on your industry, competitors and your current website.


  • There are select SEO tasks that can be isolated into a contained project.
  • There are some client circumstances which suit a contained SEO project more than others.
  • An example of this may be a website that wants to be found locally, in their immediate vicinity. We may be able to do a set amount of work to aim at improving your visibility for local searches, and then give it some time to brew in the rankings before deciding on next steps. You may be someone looking for a ‘near me seo strategy’.
  • Another example could be a brand new site that needs intensive help to ensure the new content meets the needs of their online prospects (Keyword research is a part of this). We can do that in a contained project if that’s how you like to work.

We have done contained SEO projects for clients with successful results, but it does make our job to manage your expectations around what can be achieved with SEO tricky if all you want are one-off tasks.


  • You can’t complete a single, or even a series, of one-off SEO projects and expect to remain at the top of Google’s Page 1 indefinitely because you’ve now “done SEO”.

Why ongoing SEO is important

If you buy your customers flowers once, and then sit on the couch watching TV for the rest of the year, the relationship is not going to last long term. Customer love is tough to earn, and requires ongoing effort to maintain.

People who find your site through Google search (IE without using paid advertising) have found you for exactly what you offer and are usually the ones who do exactly what you’d like them to do on your site. It’s a perfect match.

With all the changing variables in search engine marketing, it’s important to keep at it if you want to maintain a constant stream of traffic coming to your site. This is where ongoing SEO work comes in;

Keep on top of the game

You need to shower regularly and brush your teeth to keep the romance alive. So too, do you need to keep up with website maintenance and updates as well as regular optimisation and keyword tweaking for good SEO results.

In a relationship, you’d keep an eye on that guy who’s flirting with your best gal. In SEO, monitoring competitor behaviour, and reacting to loss of visibility in search engines are some entry level reasons to keep going with SEO on a regular basis.

You’re a part of this relationship too

Getting monthly outsourced SEO services is not always enough though, you’ll have to play your part in the triangle too.

Let’s say you work with a relationship specialist. You show up to your scheduled appointment on time and with your partner in tow. Despite your effort thus far, your counsellor can’t help you work on your relationship if you sit in sullen silence throughout your sessions. Even a trained professional can’t speak for your personal experience.

You know you best, and you know your industry best.

Help your SEO agency with your subject speciality information. Take their search observations and put them into practice in your content teams. Update your SEO agent with major industry changes like competitors merging or new product launches. They are not a member of your business’ industry, they’re only there to support it in a specific role.

SEO is not a silver bullet. But it should sit firmly as a crucial measure within an overall marketing plan.

Continue working at it

Take a girl on a date! Do something new and interesting together – create something to talk about.

The more you have to talk about, the more interesting you’ll be and the more they’ll keep coming back. The same is true for SEO.

Creating relevant content, measuring how you’re doing in relation to your competitors and optimising your site to keep up with ongoing changes are all going to help keep you visible.

At Mogul, we do a regular check in on the technical SEO elements if you’re an ongoing SEO client. This ensures there are no technical reasons why Google hates you. Mixing this type of technical work up with content based tasks gives us our best opportunity to ensure that we’ve got everything covered from an SEO perspective as we bungy jump into new territory each month, for you.

“SEO services near me”

If you’re searching for SEO love then reach out for support this year to start building that organic traffic relationship with your clients. Organic website users are earned over time and with much effort. We can work with you, and your budget, to get the best possible results from an ongoing SEO plan or if you know what you’re getting in to, we can help with one-off SEO projects too.

Don’t keep typing ‘i need seo help’ or ’do i need seo’ in Google, contact us for your first SEO date. 

It may be awkward at first, but we’ll get through it. Just be clear about what you want upfront. It could be the start of something beautiful but you have to give it a go otherwise you’ll never know.

And, like all relationships, if it’s not working for you then you can always end it.