Te Manawa Museum of Art  Science and History  Palmerston North


We have recently launched a gorgeous new site for Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science & History.

We have worked alongside the very responsive Graeme throughout this project, which has made our job a pleasure.

Most of all Graeme was very happy with the work completed by the Mogul team;

What stood out for us, from original pitch right through the development phase, was Mogul’s flexibility – both to accommodate our requests and to deliver those within the scope of our budget. We really valued their responsiveness throughout the entire design process, and they remain incredibly helpful as we continue to develop and refine the result.

As a ‘museum without boundaries’, it’s important that our online presence is not overly restricted by its technology. What Te Manawa now has is an open-source, responsive website that is fit for purpose and integrates with a number of digital platforms. This has helped futureproof our online presence, making it something we can grow in the years to come.

Mogul understood from the very beginning that we didn’t have a large budget with which to deliver our website, and offered us a number of solutions that give us the functionality and integration we saw as a priority. Their knowledge and experience in a vast number of digital platforms has helped us create a site that can adapt to emerging trends. We appreciate the professional expertise and attention to detail they’ve shown throughout the entire project.

Graeme Beal, Communications Manager , Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History.