GREY_Logo_2767C_CG5C_CMYK (1) is a Mogul product that displays social media updates in real time – for your event, brand, or campaign. We’ve been getting some really good feedback lately so thought we would share it with you.


Greystar used for their Mid-Atlantic Pillar Awards event. It’s their annual awards gala where they host their team of 400+ regional employees and showcase their achievements from the prior year, and celebrate the successes of individual team members.

“We’ve been searching for fun, exciting ways to get our team members involved in each event we host. In years past, we’ve utilized a service that rotates through tweets tagged with a single hashtag. But with our discovery of, we were able to invite our audience to not only share tweets, but share photos through Twitter and Instagram as well.

With the added benefit of viewing text and photos, utilizing multiple hashtags, and harvesting these items from both Instagram and Twitter, our team members were more engaged in the event than ever. The total number of messages aggregated via at this one event exceeded the total number of messages received over the prior four events combined.

Take the plunge; you’ll be glad you did. is a guaranteed way of keeping your audience energized, motivated, and otherwise engaged in what’s going on during the event.”

Justin Godwin, Real Estate Associate, Greystar.