The most valuable resource online, and the most undervalued. What do I mean by that?

In the past nine years we have found it very hard to sell the value in great content – copy, images and video – for websites and email communications.

It’s not that people don’t think/know it’s valuable – it’s just that they don’t really want to pay good money for it.

We find that small businesses are more than happy to pay for a 5-15k website, but will then get the office lady to whip up some copy and whiz around taking photos of projects, staff and office – or do it themselves in the weekend.

I don’t know, maybe we haven’t been selling it right… I am open to suggestions…

‘Being online’ should be a similar experience to when people to meet you and your business in person.

We all do this differently, and are known (and loved) for slightly different things. Part of my job in a web project is to find these little nuggets and work out the best way to communicate them so that you feel being online is an extension of your business.

If you have a fun, young, modern culture – that’s how people should see you online. If you have a very innovative, leading-edge firm – that’s how people should feel about your business when they visit your website.

That means the photography and the key messages have to be pitch perfect. That means using engaging rich media like video. And that means investing money into it.

Ask Mac Macpherson, he sells wine through engaging, compelling content. 90% of his role at Advintage is content creation. It’s content you won’t get anywhere else. And it sells a lot of wine.

You don’t need a full time employee however, we have some great contract content creators right here in Hawke’s Bay:

Laura Morris – https://www.facebook.com/morrisandsmith
Jess Soutar-Baron – soutarbarron@gmail.com

Indelible – http://indelible.co.nz/
Terry Longley – terry@tlas.co.nz

Rei Bennet – https://www.facebook.com/ReiBennettPhotography/
Hamish Burson – https://www.facebook.com/HamishBursonPhotography

And that’s not an exhaustive list – there are squillions more. (And sorry if I have offended anyone by not having them on the list!)

So when you’re thinking about how to generate more leads, or how to retain valuable clients, think about how you position yourself online with the content you create.

And if you need some help with finding your voice or what makes you different – call me 021725618.