Hello everyone, I am pleased to join the team at Mogul, and thought it would be good to share a little about my background, since I have just joined this week.

I have spent the last 20+ years doing a little bit of everything in the software development lifecycle, including software development and testing (web, application and mobile), system architecture, database design, training, project management and team leadership.

I grew up inandy dingfelder the US where I earned a Master’s Degree in administration and technology, and had the opportunity to work in software development for several large international technology companies, and multiple start-ups.  I moved to Hawke’s Bay in 2004, and since then have worked as a Senior Developer and Product Development Manager, focusing on application design and development, testing, process improvement and project management.

When I am not working with technology or managing projects, I spend my time focusing on family life with my wife (who is an avian, small animal and exotic animal veterinarian) and two daughters (who are at Mahora Primary School, where I also serve on the school Board of Trustees), and I spend way too much time on our lifestyle block doing DIY, managing our nut orchard (2 acres of Almonds and Pecans) and mini-vineyard, tending our beehive, playing music (I volunteer as a ukulele teacher for school kids) and making homemade cheese (blue, brie and feta).

Besides my background in software development and project management, I also have worked in a number of other interesting roles including multiple years as a music DJ, a technology teacher (for software development, database and computer courses), a restaurant manager and an outdoor adventure instructor and director (for rock climbing, caving and river canoeing)

I think the broad set of skills and industry knowledge from multiple technology organisations that I bring will really help me make a positive contribution at Mogul, and I am looking forward to working with this great team, and can hardly wait to see the amazing things we will come up with next!