There are over 633 million websites in the world, and with the proliferation of off-the-shelf website templates on the market, (too) many of them look the same.

But the challenge is not just to make them look unique; the real challenge is: how do you give an inanimate thing personality?

This is a key objective for every single Xero Partner website we design, but this is not as easy as it sounds.

Because when you boil it down, there is little difference in what an accounting website comprises; namely “About Us”, “The Team”, “Our Services”, “Pricing” – so how do you make sure that every single website is different?

We’ve found that businesses are all about people. The people that work in them, their skill sets, their experience, their attitudes and their personalities – so when a company website is an extension of the people in the business, you see the personality of the business shine through:

“We are absolutely delighted with our new website created by the team at Mogul. At the outset our aim was to achieve a website that felt like us and recognised our strengths to differentiate us from other Accountants, as we are not all the same”

– Avril Hilliand, Laurenson Accountants

A key component of the Mogul methodology is to ensure we gain a deep understanding of our customers business. What they do, who their customers are, and the key success metrics for the investment – but we also like to take the time to talk to our customers about how they speak about what they do, what they like about the work they do, and most importantly why their customers love them.

We find that when we dig a bit deeper, the personality layer of the company is revealed – not only the tone and style of content that suits the business, but the passion they have for what they do, and how they do it, and the difference they feel they can make for their customers.

Now the hard work begins.

How do we harness this passion, write a detailed brief and deliver a design that the client not only loves, but encapsulates who they are and why they are different?

Ah… that would be telling 😉