Redcurrent experiences record sales after targeted email campaigns

Redcurrent is an amazing retail company specialising in gifts with 10 stores nationwide and with Mogul’s help is soon to launch a fully stocked online shop.
Redcurrent engaged us to be their digital provider in February to ‘take them online’. This included structuring the online business, designing and building the online store, designing and building email newsletters and the Facebook page – and providing strategic advice about all of the above.

We took Redcurrent through the Mogul Methodology every step of the way:

From our sessions with the Redcurrent team we discovered that Redcurrent’s target market is 18–80-year-old women, who love to give and receive gifts.
They tend to be aspirational shoppers who want to ‘feel part’ of Redcurrent.
The Redcurrent team wanted to maintain and enhance that sense of ‘ownership’ its customers feel.
One of the first initiatives was marketing to their highly engaged database that was growing fast – the list has tripled to 8,500 in the past year.

Redcurrent had been sending emails out via a mail merge in Outlook, so a beautifully-designed email newsletter template built using robust, but user-friendly email marketing service with great data reporting was a must. We have designed multiple versions, each for different purposes/campaigns – one they use on a monthly basis and a few templates are used for different types of promotions.
But Redcurrent is on a quest to find the ‘perfect’ email newsletter, so watch this space…

Redcurrent fans love all things Redcurrent, so the monthly newsletters are full of inspirational thoughts and deeds, fabulous new products arriving in store, and special promotions.
We had no doubt that the audience would be engaged by this content, however we understood that to keep the audience engaged and interested, we had to ensure communications were targeted by region to ensure that event promotions were only going to the relevant audience.
Together we developed a plan for what kind of content was appropriate, under which circumstances, and how often the Redcurrent friends might like to hear from them.
In particular we have designed email marketing campaigns based around specific events such as local events, Mother’s Day, and the great annual Redcurrent Winter Sale.

Usually we would advocate our client manage their own email campaigns with our guidance and support.
In Redcurrent’s case we have been managing their email campaigns for them, collecting valuable customer information whenever possible.

Mogul reviews the results of every email campaign to measure open rates, click-throughs, and visits to the website.
For the five months Redcurrent has been conducting email campaigns they are averaging a 42.5% open rate and a 9.37% click-through rate.
This open rate is above average for any industry but according to a 2012 study* it is over 20% higher on average than most retail businesses, with click-through rates almost triple the average.*
More importantly Redcurrent has experienced an increase of over 10% in sales during this five-month period compared to the same period last year.

[update 15/11/2012: The online shop is live so the click-through traffic is now converting into online sales!]

This is what Redcurrent had to say:

“Georgina and the team at Mogul are great to work with.  Georgina is extremely direct and straight in her approach to business so she and I worked well together.  She basically gets the job done; it’s really as simple as that.”

– Rebecca Kain, Founder & Owner, Redcurrent

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