The Human Rights Commission’s aims to provide better protection of human rights in New Zealand. It works for a fair, safe and just society, where diversity is valued, human rights are respected, and everyone is able to live free from prejudice and unlawful discrimination.

Our organisation was looking to upgrade our existing, and very out of date, CMS. We reviewed a number of open source content systems (joomla, silverstripe etc) but decided that we wanted to take a more unconventional route by deploying a customised WordPress installation as a large scale CMS. We have an in house PHP developer, but we wanted to engage an external provider to work with us in a partnership and advisory capacity to assist the success and speed of the project. Our research concluded that Mogul are New Zealand experts in working with WordPress. We sought from them

a) develop and deploy a wordpress theme to match our existing front-end html/CSS
b) custom plugin development work, for various content modules
c) help with migrating our existing content into WordPress database format
d) general advisory services, such as; content hierarchy, plugin choice, performance tuning etc
e) ongoing consulting work

We valued Mogul’s prompt, friendly service and quality, reasonably priced work. And also flexibility with the timeframe and slightly loose nature of the project.

As a result of working with Mogul, we now have a new CMS which is robust, upgradeable, highly extensible and with a large knowledgebase and developer community. Because we migrated content and retained the front end design, the migration has been more or less seamless. And also, because we had previously been using WordPress to host blogs/newsletters, our content writers & editors are already familiar with the system.

I would recommend Mogul for projects of all sizes and nature. WordPress is suited to anything from a small personal blog or 5 page business website, up to large corporate or public sites such as ours. And also I would advise that geography is no barrier, and in fact, may offer a competitive advantage on price. Most of our communication was by email and occasionally phone, and although Mogul are based in a different city, the collaborative experience was seamless.

– Nick Houldsworth, Webmaster, NZ Human Rights Commission