Shelving Shop specialise in designing shelving and shop fittings and provide their customers with total storage and display solutions. The Shelving Shop is based in Hastings but look after clients throughout New Zealand.

Shelving Shop were knew to the online space. They needed an online brochure that they could direct prospective customers to in order to view their range of shelving, pallet racking, storage and shop fittings. Once the prospective customer has found the shelving solution they are looking for, they are encouraged to ‘Request a Quote’ or phone the freecall number.

The ‘Shelving’ category or section of the site was the largest, with nine types of shelving within it. In order to layout this content in the most clear and concise way we used entry icons on the shelving category page. Customers arrive at this page and can then select which type of shelving specifically they are looking for.