It’s a fact that most users don’t read all the content – they tend to skim read. Why? Because no-one has enough time to read your big block of text, its hard to find the needle in your hay!

Unless its an interesting blog article, don’t waste your time writing that huge block of text – because people won’t read it. The trick is to slim down your content into short, informative, paragraphs and add a bit of personality to the copy.

How do I do this?

With a catchy question and an informative answer, you can guide the user through your website without them having to arduosly skim all your content for key words. A great strategy is to think of your content delivery like a story; the informative base, the main characters(services), the climax(product), and the end(sale).

Its about finding your own voice, communicating clearly, connecting with your customers and getting personal.

When it comes to designing the site, the above process makes things smoother, It shows the important aspects and cuts out the clutter, lending well to layout design and end user interaction.

Have fun getting personal!

Louis Coyle