We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately from our clients asking for Facebook Pages for their businesses. This is a good way to give your business extra exposure, because Facebook has such a huge community of users (over 400 million!).

Here are the basic Facebook Applications for Business Pages:

  • Discussion Boards: Enable your fans to get their ideas out into the open. Discussion boards let you know exactly what your fans and customers think and want.
  • Events: Here you can organise gatherings or let people know about your upcoming business events.
  • Notes: Share your business news or engage your fans through written entries.
  • Photos: Upload photos to your page and allow your fans to share photos on your page also.
  • Reviews: Fans and customers can leave honest opinions about your business.
  • Video: A high-quality video platform for pages on Facebook.
  • Wall: The Wall is an open forum for your fans or friends to leave comments, thoughts, and ideas about your business on your Page.

If you would like to see an example of a business Facebook Page, you can visit the Mogul Facebook page (make sure you become a fan!).

and we’ve created a page for Takaro Trails to promote their cycle tour business.