The Yellow Pages works amazingly well for some industries and others wonder why they bother.

When we first started out in business, the advice we received was to take out the smallest ad possible. We did and it more than paid for itself, which was great.But the Yellow Pages falls short in the following areas:

  • unless you take out an ad in every region (bank account says ouch), you’re only exposed to the local market
  • you are limited to a certain size ad
  • once your ad is printed you can’t change it
  • you have to pay for a new ad every year
  • and your ad is usually surrounded by about 50 ads for your competitors!

 You get much more ‘Bang for your Buck’ out of websites:

  • your target market becomes global
  • your whole website is an ad, promotion, feature
  • you can update a content managed website whenever you like at no extra cost
  • if it’s built well it will grow with your business and last for many years.

Get smart about how you spend your marketing dollar and invest in a website.