If you want your website to do more than present your business, a business blog can be a way to connect to your customers and ensure your website works harder for you.

Profit through publishing

The majority of sites are static websites. They present information on a company, and usually an overview of products or services, along with contact details. They can be useful and for many people there is little need to go further. However, many businesses are using their websites as a means of communicating with their customers and provide extra value. Their websites then become tools to actively generate business.

An example of providing value is Sales Impact Group. The site promotes recent articles on the home page, and updates regularly to provide readers with regular updates. This is a major feature which encourages people to return and become regular users of the site.

Writing on topics relevant to your site allows opportunities to promote your services while giving good advice and information to your readers. This helps build trust and authority in your business area.

Sharing views – comments

As well as producing new content regularly, BayBuzz connects with readers directly by allowing people to comment on articles and share opinions. This encourages people to share articles and views, and can add considerably to a site’s “stickiness”.

Keeping control of your site

It’s easy to manage articles and comments online using a well designed “Content Management System”. This takes the form of an administration area in which all site content can be updated by the site owner. At Mogul, we recommend the WordPress, a stable, easy to use system that allows great flexibility in managing your site.

As well as creating content through articles, you can manage your comments to ensure that the content reflects your standards throughout.

Making friends with the Google

A significant benefit of creating content on your site is in search engine performance. Search engines such as Google love to pick up fresh, unique content and will visit your site more often. This results in better search rankings for a greater range of phrases, and means more visitors to your site.

As you create more content within your niche, your site will gain attention of other website owners, some of which will choose to link to your content. This serves to tell Google that your site is a “trusted source”, and your pages will rank higher.

Clear benefits

The benefits from using your web site as a publishing platform are clear. It encourages repeat visits from your visitors, allows you opportunities to sell your products or services to a wider range of customers, and helps your site rank well in search engine results.

Writing often is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be a profitable investment of your time. Small, regular updates can be a good way to lift a static, stale site and create a powerful selling tool for your business.