• The Mogul Methodology

    We have developed a smart and effective step-by-step digital marketing methodology, which will give you a larger, more engaged and, most importantly, more active audience.

  • We develop
    a plan

    based on a deep understanding of your category, your organisation and your audience


    • We research your category, brand, audience and position in the market
    • We develop a strategy for your digital marketing and we identify the key thrusts required for success
    • We work with you to set goals and plans for how you will achieve them
    • We help you to understand your resource requirements
    • We agree priorities with you and then provide a roadmap and next steps


  • We give you

    all the tools you need - and none of the tools you don't


    • Digital Creative and UI Design – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript libraries, cross-browser and mobile compatibility, responsive design
    • Web Development - custom web applications, SEO best practices, WordPress and Drupal CMS, e-commerce platforms, microsites
    • Email Marketing - HTML template design, content creation, hosted newsletter CMS.
    • Social Media - design and development of blogs and social network assets and applications
    • Online Advertising - design and placement of display ads, Google Adwords campaigns
    • Offline Collateral - brand identity, logo design, business cards, presentations, copywriting


  • We tell you

    how to connect
    with your audience,
    in a relevant,
    meaningful way

    • We develop a content creation plan for your blog, email and social networks
    • We create a publishing schedule so you know what to publish, where and how often
    • We establish a contact plan to ensure you are providing the correct information at the right time in the customer lifecycle
    • We advise on the most effective tactics to acquire new customers, for example: competitions, testimonials, case studies, and blogger outreach
    • We help you add value for your existing customers with tutorials, training videos and webinars


  • We train you

    to manage your community effectively and we monitor industry trends and awareness of your market

    • We provide your organisation with training on the platforms you're using to engage with your audience
    • We provide you with guidance and support, and instruct you on best practice policies and guidelines for your organisation
    • We give you tips and advice about how to respond to your community, and how to continue the conversation
    • We make sure you are monitoring all relevant channels, and collecting customer information whenever possible
    • We continue market awareness of your category and keep you up-to-date with industry trends


  • We track
    your success

    and provide customer insights that are fed back into the plan for continuous improvement

    • We measure against the KPIs and success factors that were set in the plan and determine the ROI of campaigns and activities
    • We analyse the data from your online advertising, website, blog, email and social activity to understand the behaviour of your customer
    • We advise how to optimise spend and efforts based on the data and the insights
    • We identify key areas to be refined and tweaked to improve activity and results
    • We review the strategic plan every quarter to implement the learnings and incorporate the insights for continuous improvement


  • Want to see
    the results?


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