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The Apple Watch and email marketing

With Apple's watch coming out overseas, new details are emerging about how well it handles email (or doesn't).The following are some important... Read more


Content. The most valuable resource online, and the most undervalued.

The most valuable resource online, and the most undervalued. What do I mean by that? In the past nine years we have found it very hard to sell... Read more


Mogul newsletter: May/June 2014

The latest Mogul newsletter is out! We launched quite a few websites for our clients (see below), made some big improvements to Streama and made... Read more


Email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined

After search engine optimisation (SEO) i.e. being found in Google, email marketing is the second-most effective way to generate enquiries or... Read more


2014 Is the year of experimentation

I've just finished looking over the introduction to E Consultancy's report  ‘Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2014 Digital... Read more