Day in the Life of: Digital Marketing Specialist – Chas Gardner

By | November 30, 2016

As Mogul’s Digital Marketing Specialist I work closely with our clients on their digital marketing campaigns.

What I enjoy most about working at Mogul is the people, the culture and the opportunity to work on such a broad range of projects which benefit my skill set.

My typical day involves a morning staff meeting with the rest of the team, where we discuss the day’s activities and find out what projects everyone is working on. I then login to Zendesk (our customer service portal) and check out what support enquires our customers have left us. is a real-time social media display for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram updates. My responsibility is to resolve any issues or problems our customers are having and work with them, and the senior developers at Mogul to solve any problems.

As Mogul’s Digital Marketing Specialist my main role is working with our clients to understand their business needs, putting together a digital marketing solution for them and managing their campaigns.

What I enjoy most about my role is working with each client in their industry on their unique business needs. This often means that their target audience will respond differently to marketing messages and the channels we use to deliver those messages. As such, part of my role is taking the time to research their industry and understand their target market. From there I can choose from a range of different marketing campaigns Mogul offers, which will best suit their needs.

I am lucky enough to have experience in a range of different marketing platforms which include, but not limited to AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook and LinkedIn. As each marketing platform has its own advantages and disadvantages this allows us to create the best campaign for our client’s needs. The personal rewards for me are seeing a client reach their business growth goals. These may include more website traffic, improving lead quality or reaching out to a different target market.

One of the many reasons I find Mogul such a great place to work is the location. Two years ago, I was living in Melbourne and commuting on the train each day. A round trip on the train would take 1 ½ hours and if I caught the wrong train It would be packed; meaning standing for the whole trip and feeling like sardines in a can. Now I have the enjoyment of a short drive to work and enjoying riding my motorbike on the weekend with my father, (image below).


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