Day in the Life of: Intermediate Developer – Chris Webb

By | December 6, 2016

Hi I’m Chris, and I’m a web developer at Mogul. My typical workday revolves around the more technical side of websites and online applications – building them, fixing them and getting all sorts of different systems working together.

The commute

I live in Napier with my wife Sarah. When it’s time to head into the office I usually jump on my Triumph Speed Triple motorbike for a nice 20-minute cruise along the Napier coast and over to Havelock North.

If time permits I sometimes take the long way through the twisty back roads – makes for a really nice start or end to the day!

Getting stuff done

At Mogul we kick off each morning with a team meeting to discuss what we’re all working on, and any tricky problems we might have encountered on a project.

It’s great working closely with our talented team of designers, developers and client service staff, to produce results we’re all genuinely proud of.

As a ‘full stack’ developer I could be working on anything from servers and infrastructure through to programming, planning new features, fixing technical problems or writing documentation.

Some of my work involves building and modifying WordPress websites, but I also get to do a lot of the development on our social media streaming application is my favourite area of work because it presents a lot of unique and interesting challenges for a developer, with plenty of scope for technical creativity and learning. It needs to deliver fresh content from social media channels, and it needs to do it fast – a tricky combination. We also have to scale up to cope with huge spikes in traffic when significant world events happen.

At the end of the day

After a day at work in front of a computer, I like to head home and relax… in front of my computer. That might be programming for fun (really!), making a bit of my own music or just playing computer games. I occasionally venture into the offline world too, where I like to brew my own beer, play the saxophone and ride my motorbike (although not all at once).


Working at Mogul provides an excellent work / life balance. Weekends are always welcome, but it’s nice being able to look forward to work on Monday!

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