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Recent Project: Gemco Group

By | February 22, 2017

Senior Designer, Louis Coyle gives us the lowdown on what is was like working on one of the most exciting projects of 2016, Gemco: “Working on the new Gemco website has been a fun and challenging project. From the get go, Gemco wanted...Read more

Hustler Equipment gives its customers an unlimited combination of options

By | November 8, 2016

Recently, Mogul proudly launched the Hustler sprayer configuration page which allows users to visually choose different sprayers using Hustler’s unlimited combination of options. This page was designed and developed based on Hustler’s...Read more

A ‘next-level’ online experience for Gemco

By | July 20, 2016

Mogul started working with Gemco in 2008 and we were stoked to be chosen to work on the new website 8 years later.    We love working with clients from around the world, but we especially love working with iconic Hawke’s Bay clients like...Read more

Exciting and weird times ahead

By | December 7, 2015

This article first appeared in BayBuzz Magazine, Sep-Oct 2015 I’ve been fascinated by the Internet since I was first exposed to it in 1994. Without doubt, it is one of the most important inventions in human history. This is one of the most...Read more

3D in the browser

By | June 30, 2015

In 2013 year I wrote a post about browser 3D, where we were at with the technology and what we might be looking forward to. To be honest it doesn’t look like much has really changed in the browser spec since that time, but with every new...Read more

Woodford House: an Old Girl’s passion for a new website

By | April 20, 2015

When we got the word from Woodford House, a girls’ school in Havelock North, that Mogul had been chosen as their digital partner, I couldn’t have been more delighted. As an Old Girl with two daughters lined up to attend from 2017-2023...Read more

Sponsoring the International Festival of Hockey

By | April 14, 2015

When Bruce Mactaggart asked Mogul to be a sponsor of the Festival of Hockey we jumped at the chance. Not just because we love hockey, but because events like these will put Hawke’s Bay on the world map and we are heavily invested in the...Read more

Safetree™ – Forestry Safety Initiative

By | March 11, 2015

In the past few months I have had the absolute pleasure of working on the Safetree™ project in collaboration with industry and government agencies, and local superstars Black Dog Design and Indelible. Safetree™ is part of the Government’s...Read more

New Website: AT Accountants

By | March 3, 2015

  AT Accountants & Advisors is a small accounting firm based in Sydney, with the goal to help you eliminate all the boring tasks that may be automated. The site was launched in February and since then we have had some really nice...Read more

Social cricket, social media and the power of online marketing

By | February 26, 2015

An amazing thing happened here in Hawke’s Bay this week. A group of sporting legends came to play a game of cricket on a field that, 3 years ago, only existed in the imagination of a small group of cricket tragics. The Legends of Cricket...Read more