Louie Coyle

Louie digs web technologies and even makes little experiments in his spare time (what a freak).
When he’s not geeking on design and code (or playing games) he’ll be adventuring with his son or trying to improve his amateur cooking and excercise skills.

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US Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the year 2014. Our challenge was to deliver a website that lived up to the award - in four weeks.Read more

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Morning Fog

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The Apple Watch and email marketing

With Apple's watch coming out overseas, new details are emerging about how well it handles email (or doesn't).The following are some important... Read more


Louie's interesting bits n' bobs roundup

I often find myself coming across lot of interesting (or stupid) things online in my various travels, and I will share with you my claimed booty... Read more


2013 roundup and predicted trends for 2014

After a good break it's nice to reflect back on the previous year and think about what the new year might offer. This year started nicely for me... Read more