Founded in 2007

Founded in 2007



and proudly independent

Mogul offers clarity in a complex digital world.


Managing Director


Managing Director








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Mogul offers clarity in a complex digital world.


to know about us

  • We have provided digital marketing expertise to over 200 organisations of all sizes and industry sectors, throughout New Zealand and overseas. This includes major New Zealand brands like Massey University, Tait Communications, Sport NZ, Redcurrent and the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

  • We believe that digital marketing works best when all of an organisation's activities develop from a single, cohesive plan, rather than a series of disjointed, one-off initiatives implemented by numerous providers.

  • As a client you can expect us to carry out a robust inventory of the way you spend your marketing money and time. We will challenge you in every aspect of your online strategy, because that's the way we get results.

  • We will plan your initiative thoroughly, execute it with precision and flair, and prove to you that digital marketing is the most targeted and cost-effective way to spend your marketing budget.

  • At Mogul, we do not accept the status quo. We are restless in our journey to become more effective digital marketers, to share what we know with others, and to make a positive difference to the people and organisations we work with.

  • We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our clients.

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